I Am A Teenager.. But Not Your Ordinary Teenager


I am a teenager, but I'm different.

Instead of being selfish, I take care of my disabled brother everyday. 

Instead of disobeying my parents, I show them my love and respect.

Instead of drawing grafitti on the side of a building, I draw in my sketchbook

Instead of being angry all the time, I love to always laugh. 


I am a teenager, but I'm safe.

Instead of drinking alcohol, I drink soda and love eating starbursts.

Instead of smoking cigarettes, I show people the statistics of Cancer.

Instead of getting pregnant, I stay abstinent. 


I am a teenager, but I'm not dumb.

Instead of failing classes, I get straight A's. 

Instead of partying, I stay home and study.

Instead of complaining about my grades, I make changes to them. 


Not all teenagers are bad and rude. 

Some happen to care for their future and their families.

Don't judge me based on what you have seen your entire career of teaching. 

I'm not your average teenager, but I'm me.

At the end, I can only be Delicia Ruiz. Not anybody else. 











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