I Am the Teacher

The classrom is a place for students to learn.
The chalkboard is a place for teachers to teach.
The desk is a place for my hand to practice.
But how can I learn in such surroundings?

I'm surround by students placed in too-high classes,
Struggling to understand the lesson of the day.
I'm surrounded by hands too dumb-founded to write.
And I struggle to understand, why put them through this?

I know this subject may be a bit controversial,
With people saying we should give everyone an equal chance.
But what chance does any student have, 
Sitting in a class that they can't comprehend?

The classroom is a place for students to learn.
But how can I learn when I'm too busy teaching?
I struggle to teach the other students
As they struggle to learn this simple material.

It's not that they're stupid, because they really aren't.
Math, science, or english just may not be their forte. 
So alas I am stuck leaning over my desk,
With pen in hand, teaching my poor friend.

Why must the school put them through this agony?
Is it worth it just to seem like our school is advanced?
My grades begin to suffer, as I spend too much time teaching.
When I am the student; I should be the one learning.


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