I am Still Here...


“By the time read this I will be gone”

I am leaving this dreadful place,


I am leaving because I not from here,

I am from the green trees, where Blossoms Bloom. Where the sky’s are always blue.

I am from the nation with free arms, were everyone can be who they are, with no judgement.

I am from the heaven where only the father, the one in the high chair can decide if I live happy or sad.

From  the one that everyone sees in their Nightmares, I am the hope that pulls them through.

From the giant monster that kills your family, to the teacher that fails you just because she can.


Through the white light is where I am from

The sun and the moon are always there, why can’t I?

I am there, just when you need someone to talk to you push me away.

I am the from the Saturday mornings, listening to my brother playing saxophone along with that Woody Shaw recording.

To that day where you were cutting yourself because you believed there was nothing more.

Nothing Else.

The days seem short now that I am free, Free from the nightmare that is home, but looking back I see what made me.

I am light, light that can either wait and be lit or the light that is always on..

From the luminous nights by the fire I finally see who I am.

I am…………. Freedom, I am……… Adventure, I am ….Hope

But most of all, I am a friend to those who seek me.

To those people I thank you . Thank you because without you I would still be stuck,


Thank You


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My community
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