I Am Solicitous and Sanguine

I am solicitous and sanguine

I wonder if we will cure all diseases

I hear cries of pain and frustration

I see a world full of harmony

I want that those who are suffering to find serenity

I am solicitous and sanguine


I pretend I am invincible from the dangers of society

I feel that the good of the world can overcome the bad

I touch the souls of those who need healing

I worry that illness and violence will overcome us

I cry when I think of liver cancer taking her life

I am solicitous and sanguine


I understand that we do not live in a perfect world

I say my prayers

I dream of solving all of our troubles

I try to stay positive even in my darkest hours

I hope we all live life to the fullest

I am solicitous and sanguine

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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