i am she #nofilter

She uses filters to block people out and cover her insecurities.

Without filter she is a young girl who is very hard on herself

She is a smart young girl or so she is told but she dosn't feel that way.

The people who love her say that she is beautiful, but how an she feel that way?

All these beauiful women and all these beautiul girls that she sees everyday.

This girl is sad inside because she knows the filter is fake.

No one knows who she really is or that she feels that way.

Besides me, because i am this she.

I am short and funny, and god my room looks awful crummy.

I have been through so much but i push.

Bad things keep happening but i keep going

I am loving and silly and optmistic when it is somet.hing other than myself.

This all makes me with no filter. I am she. I am Mikayla.

I have revealed me with no filter.

I wear no filter.





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Lhasa Love

I relate entirely too much. Gorgeous words.

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