I am... Scholarship slam

I am who I am

and much more 

I bring light upon

people, that come along.

Always smiling never 

crying because I act as a lever.

Although I may be shy 

I always seem to give a reply.

I feel like I've been set aside 

but I never lose my pride.

Well that's just me 

as real as can be.

This poem is about: 



I am she that I see every morining

I am her that I talk to every day

Yes that's me, the stange lady every one knows

But to me, that is who I am

The patience I see her endevor 

The love she tries to share

Although I am using the same eyes as her, I still prize her as if I didn't know her

No matter where I go I know who she is

When I am asked "Who are you?" I can proudly say

"I am me

No one else can define her the way I know her to be

Because she is me

And I love who I am

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