I Am... A Reflection

I am a stereotypical positive young girl
With a smile that everyone seems to adore.
But deep down, there is bloody war
Contemplating which reflection am I supposed to be,
Unable to decide and expose the absolute me.

“You are beautiful…”
“You are kind…”
“You are positive…”
“You have the best smile…”
But I ignore them all.

“You are too happy…”
“You are too weak…”
“You are crippled…”
“You are not good enough…”
And I am in a downfall.

But in my mind
As I look in the mirror each time,

“I am strong, but I am weak.”
“I love my smile, but I can’t express my feelings.”
“I am positive, but my mind tells me negative.”
“I am beautiful with a grotesque mind.”

I have doubtful confidence
Accepting these compliments.

Two different bodies,
Two different minds,
Two different spirits,
In one Mirror.

Suddenly, anger raged up,
My mind is about to erupt.
I want to run and fight
To figure out which reflection is right.

I smashed my fist into this mirror.
The shattered glass made my vision clearer.
I annihilated my monster reflection
As my wrist and my arm bleed of this devastation.

What did I just see?
A monster inside of me.
I guess I transformed what I am supposed to be…

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