I am Quirky and Imaginative

I am quirky and imaginative 

I wonder why the clear day is blue and not yellow?

I hear the words from my book fill my imaginative mind

I see the raging battles from the pages

I want more adventure in life

I am quirky and imaginative

I pretend I am flying through the heavenly skies

I am worried that the warriors will see my through my cloud cover

I touch the soft and warm clouds

I worry if I will ever reach the ground down below so far

I miss the lushess grass and the sparkling rivers

I am quirky and imaginative

I understand time is not forever but words are eternal

I say live life like today is your last

I dream of the warm colors lying on the horizon line

I try to sit still as I wait for the seconds minutes and hours to pass by

I hope for the class to end so I can go see my friends and family

I am quirky and imaginative


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