I Am Poetry...


Love Park
United States

The relaxing of souls after someone has spoken. The ceasing of anger after love has spread. The rekindling of broken hearts after showing your other side. These are the results of poetry, so when I grow up, I want to be a poet. I want to be able to focus on nothing less than my deep thoughts and expressions. To allow my feelings to spatter onto a portrait. Poetry is painting...poetry is painting. My notebook is my canvas, my pen is my heart's paintbrush so I stroke the collection of colors that are my words. But then, my heart bleeds. And I begin to realize that my heart does not need a pen. It only needs me because my voice alone can leave impressions upon my audience in the form of words. but my audience are my ears so every time I recite a poem, i leave impressions on myself. I begin to realize that inside me is another person, an entity with light as great as a million suns, but filled with words as dark and deep as the bottomless pit I attempted to bury myself in back then. Inside is my take on poetry. I am poetry. and poetry is me.


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