I am Poet, hear me roar


United States
32° 15' 5.238" N, 110° 50' 14.676" W

I am Poet, hear me roar.
Widening are our eyes to poetry
Widening to poetry through music, through words.
We hear, we see, we can taste what's before us.
We come to this place to put it out there
What we feel, see, hear, taste, feel
We feel, and we feel and we see that life is worth living
With this.
Words from our hearts, not from the hearts of others
Words that can be transformed so that only we see
We see what they mean, no one else
We hear them for what they truly are

What they truly are is beautiful
Words are beautiful, their sound, their taste of the tip of your tongue
Words are beautiful, the serif, the bold, the italic
Words are to be written to strike a chord
Words are to be written to shake you
Written to strike you
Written to stop you, or push you further than you could have gone

Words are put in front of you, coming from your own hand, to make you
Whatever you want to be, they make you
Whatever you see in yourself, they make you
Whatever your dreams are, they make them come true
I am Poet, hear me roar.


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