I Am Only an Island


United States
40° 34' 9.8148" N, 74° 19' 3.6768" W

A child atop the mountain, overlooking the empty sea
Finally cognizant of
the sun overlooking; bathing in its heat for the first time
An abstracted, something, catches the eye from afar
a few fish in the ocean

A boy atop the mountain again, the calm sea below
A comforting recluse from
the beating sun; warmth has become sweat
The glacier that seems to shrink plagues his mind
daily- new fish find their home in the water

The man atop his mountain, his ocean slowly enveloping it
Constantly sitting upon the peak
as the tide rises; he is heat exhausted under the sun at its apex
The glacier, a fragment of its once great beauty, impossible to reach
schools of fish- distinct, but collective- fill the sea

An elder, violent waves consuming
There every day
at peace; burning
Something in the distance? All thoughts melting into
an ocean polluted with fish

Swimming in the ocean
The peak has drowned
The sun has set
One with the water
Now a fish



Wonderful imagery

Jan Wienen

In aging we should not loose our childhood, we just can't leave it behind ...

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