I am only a child




“I’m only a child”


My fingers are itchy

My tummy is empty

My clothes are dirty

Tears are shedding off,

Slowly down on my chicks

Memories are shuffling through my mind                     

Good and bad because,

I’m mourning always…

Oh! I’m only a child.


Once, twice, my parents

Wanted to commit suicide

In front of me, of me!

At a tender age,

I try to cry, to calm my parents and

Make them feel pity for me.


Sometimes the room is too silent

The atmosphere is of a funeral dirge

No one to share my feelings with

I start to recall, relate and recapture

Some of the voices which are far- far away


I start to remember, reshuffle my thoughts

About the faces of the past and,

That will never come back!

My mind is full of memories

I imagine and regret if I could

Make them come back but…

I’m only a child!


Never shall I smile or laugh

At any moment, period or hour.

My mind is full of everything

Sometimes good and bad.

I think I am mentally disturbed because,

I find myself in conflict and contradiction,

Pointing and blaming myself but…

Lord why me your child?


Further I’m deprived of education

As if I’m not worthy to educate

How can I be employed, recognized and…

Well respected without education

I visualize doom in my future

I wish for earth to just swallow me up!


I’ve got sores and wounds

All over my body

The society runs away from me

Everyone doesn’t care about me

Leaving me in agony and bitterness

Like Lazarus in the bible

I wish someone like Pharaoh’s daughter

To pick me up and out of this river

Away from this dangerous earth.

I’m alone as a child


Sins       are       common

Punishment is common but,

This is so tough and rough

For how long on earth?

Oh! I your child


I’m languishing in poverty

Neglect and disempowerment

Yet some are empowered

I’m on the narrow and right path

To prepare to meet and enjoy

Together with you...



I’m only a child!


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