I Am One


There is no taste

There is no sight

There is no smell

There is only light

                I do not sleep

                Nor do I awake

                I sit, I wonder

                A picture I paint

I carry my dreams (not dreams of sleep)

I carry my heart (as it calmly beats)

                These dreams are not fantasy, these dreams are not hope

                These are the dreams I have buried in my coat

To one day change the setting of the world

To one day be inspiration for the boys and the girls

It’s sunny, its green, it’s in daylight

Here flies a ball, high, straight, and white

My backpack falls heavily to reside on my back,

Full of pencils and pens and always a snack,

                I tell you, I’m always hungry (but I can t say why)

I guess I am growing, out, I say with a sigh

                I check my back right pocket to make sure my phone is there

                                It’s something I always need to tweet, to text, or to call

                                Maybe to jam and dance to music, but I stop when people start to stare

My wallet is empty, besides my license in the front pocket (I always want to go somewhere)


Lastly there is something that I carry of which I cannot explain

                It’s not a burden, it can be a guilt, and sometimes slight shame

                                But away these sins are burned with a fire

                                                For my soul and my heart burn with a deep desire

I don’t mean to sound selfless, cocky, or conceded

But there is a flower that I have seeded

                Again, it’s very hard to explain

                But this something I carry brings light to the rain

As my God calls be to be the salt and light of the earth, so shall I

As I am called to be righteous, pure, and merciful, so shall I

I guess I know my purpose on this earth will be great

Alter lives, make lives, save lives…. It’s my fate

I carry a destiny I am sure will change the world

I will speak with a tenacious voice, spread his word, and redirect those who have been curled

I stand on a the great rock

 I buckle my belt of truth around my waist

Covered in the breast place of righteousness

Protected with the shield of faith

My helmet of salvation and my sword of spirit

                For my struggle is not against flesh or blood

                                I must fight against the rulers, the authorities, and against the powers of this dark world


                They grab and they pull because I’m meant to be somebody, and that’s all their allowed to know.


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