"I am nothing without love"

Every day we are reminded when we go out into the world of how dangerous it is in 

mondern day. one day you will hear about isis strike back again the next a cop killing 

than the next a boy that you knew gets run over. its pretty clear... The world is not a safe 

place. Not at all. than our generation gets blamed for it. We are known as the generation 

that won't survive. thats pretty sad. But at the end of the day good or bad, I always return

home to my family where they love me unconditionally. A love that unfortunatley

not many people have and the ones that do take for granted. It's a crule dark world out

there and no matter how hard it gets I still have my family. I love them as they Love me.

So, if I was stuck on a dessert island, Stranded, with nothing else beside one thing.....It

would be my family. The people who loved me literary since day one. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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