I Am Not What I Am

I am not the paled face girl whose curls cannot be tamed

I am not the shy student who wears black every Tuesday

I am not the 3.2 GPA on an official piece of paper

I am not a gentle breeze that kisses a face in the mornings

I am not a Monday morning or a Friday night

I am not an anxious friend who frets over her own

I am not just a name that is swept away by the wind

I am my laughter and the soft freckles that kiss my shoulder

I am a learner, a dreamer, and a survivor

I am as confident as a lion and as delicate as a sheep

I am a free spirit that captures hearts

I am a smile on a Wednesday and a hug on a Thursday

I am strong and weak, tall and small

I am not society's puppet to be shaped

I am not what I am

I am what I am

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My community
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