I Am Not An Object

We are not things you can just collect and treat as objects.

We are living souls, that thrive for a connection filled with your affection.

We just want your attention and protection,

not a home filled with fear and dejection

So when you see me at the store

Please don't buy me to show me off to your friends because I'm cute

And then forget about me with the rest of your loot

I need a place to call home

Not a musuem because of my cute genome

Yes, I am an animal

Yes, I can be a pet

But I  am with a body and a soul that will need to have visits to the vet

I do not want to be bought, just so I can be shown

I want to be bought, because I am in need of a home

I would like to be a part of your family

If you would have me

But you must promise, to take care of me

And to not be too carefree

This poem is about: 
Our world


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