I Am Not a Feminist

I Am Not a Feminist

by Toyosi Begbaaji


I will never say that 

I am not a feminist.


Because there are still women today 

Who feel an obligation

To provide satisfaction for men

While going unsatisfied themselves.


Because the "Republican" Party

Believes in a policy

That will defund Planned Parenthood,

Even though the facts state

That 0.3% of abortions are 

The result of rape.


Because women are still getting raped,

Are still getting forced,

Are still getting pushed,

Are still getting shoved,

Are still getting called

"Baby girl" and

"Sugar tits."


Because we're still "asking for it"

Whenever we wear a dress,

Or a skirt,

Or shorts,

Or show a bit of fucking ankle.


Because shoulders

Create boners.



Because a lesbian is only accepted

If she's on a laptop or screen

After midnight

With a Dead Look in her eyes

While she fingers another girl with

Impractical long red nails.


Because a bitch is no longer a

Female dog, but a

Female who stands up for herself.


Because apparently 

Only men can sing

Or paint

Or write

Or dance

Or talk about sex

But women must remain

The purest tool in the shed.

Or, however that saying goes.


Because even now,

Some fedora-wearing fuckboy 

Is out there plotting to shoot up 

A school, or an office—

A hospital,

Or a movie theater because

"If I don't get laid soon,

Someone is going to get hurt."


Because the fact of the matter is that

You still make money more than me

Because of the fact that you have a dick.

Or maybe it's because you are a dick

Or maybe it's just that I have a clit

And you're just mad that you're unable

To find it.

As a matter of fact,

It's right here.

Was that clear?


So to all those

Who ask me

"Are you a feminist?"

I say to you, 

"Why the fuck would I ever say that

I am not a feminist?"


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