I am not Alone


United States
39° 22' 2.6832" N, 94° 47' 23.5428" W

Lost in the moment,
you move against me.
Fingers graze.
Skin ablaze.
Heart skips, heart jumps.

Temptation seeking,
you whisper, “breathtaking”.

The touch of your lips.
The question lingers with each kiss.

my ears ring.
The unknown sings.

A childs cry,
breaks the silent question.

Fast forward the temptation.
Fast forward the kiss.
I am not alone

Fast forward all my life’s moments,
now, missed.
I am not alone

Blue or Pink.
Caps or Bows.
Nine months pass by in a blink.
I am not alone

Bibs and Bottles.
Onesies and diapers.
Spending hours looking for rockers.
I am not alone

Toothless smiles.
Sticky hands.
Giggles turn into burps.
I am not alone

A face as delicate,
as an angel’s chorus.

Instinct seeking,
I whisper, “breathtaking”.

my ears sing.
The answer rings.

A childs cry,
answers the silent question.

Lost in the moment,
I pull apart.
Clothes graze.
Your eyes ablaze.

Door clicks, Door shuts.
I am now alone.




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