I Am No Writer

So this guy had a problem.
More specifically,
he had a problem with me
and was asking questions about my mentality,
trying to make me realize
that it's no use being a writer
because they can never make green
and while their minds are unchained,
they will never be free,
stuck in an apartment in front of a computer screen
destined to fail and never make it to the big leagues
because there's a million writers
and only one of me
and that I'll never be able make a difference.

Well, I told him this.

I am no writer.
I am an construction worker building on a foundation of sand,
building with ideas and thoughts,
ink and sleepless nights,
and I'll keep on buildings until I reach another mind.

I am no writer.
I am an artist painting words on a page
and living and breathing characters
living in an age that wouldn't have existed
if it wasn't for black ink
and rainy days.

I am no writer.
I am a pilot guiding a plane,
picking up travelers along the way
so that they can see through my eyes
and feel what I feel,
and like how the dawn of another day illuminates the sky
so too will a light illuminate the mind
when they read what I have to say.

I am no writer.
I am an adventurer crossing into uncharted lands
and leaving footsteps across the heart
like footsteps tracing across gold sand
as people read another adventure
in these words of mine
for I am no writer.
I am just a girl with a pen
who's got something to say.


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