I am My own Me


Once one, now another.

Who is real? Tell me mother.

You gave me birth, and now I'm me.

But am I my own, or but a product of she?

It can't, no, can it truly be?

That I am but one single solitary me?

I have been oppressed with unadulterated identity!

Made once and never again 'cause that's who I ought to be.

Well to hell with that and to hell with the rules!

I'll be my own me, let the others stay fools.

This world is everchanging, I won't let it surpass me.

I shan't grow old and let a new world harass me.

So as it seems, I cannot keep one personality.

I will change as necessary, to hell with reality!

To hell with this sense of single born identity!

I wear no makeup, I portray no fallacies.

But I shed a new skin, 'cause I'll be who I have to be.

There will never be a fake version to see.

Because I am my own me.

But who that is will always varry.

There's not a thing I cannot be.

So to hell with reality!

To hell with what you chose as my so-called identity!

That's right! I say to hell with you, mother!

I was once one, but now I am another.


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