I am my own hero.

I am so proud of myself. I have come such a long way. I use to be a girl, who tried to fit in everywhere, and tried to hide herself in others, tried to be happy with others company. I didnt like myself. I thought I needed to fit the description of  what everyone wanted me to be. I was never welcomed when I tried too hard to fit in. And I always thought there was something wrong with me. And I remember thinking., "Why aren't I good enough?  Why can't people accept me for me ? " I  thought I needed a relationship to be happy. I didnt know who I was, if I didnt have a boy by my side.  I have come such a long way since then. From accepting and loving who I am, to being content with lonliness.  For the first time in my life, I found myself. I found who I am, without a boy by my side. And I loved that part of me, that I took the time to get to know. For the first time ever, I am happy with just me. And I'm happy with not fitting in. For once I actually accept who I am , even if I'll forever be different and stand out.  I stopped trying to fit in. I Stopped trying to look for a boyfriend to keep me company in every corner and underneath every rock.  And I just embrace who I am as a person. To be honest, I couldnt have been more independent,  and I've never been this happy. I made the best of it. Now I'm here, stronger then ever,  more confidient then ever, and happier then ever. Whatever obstacles god has in for me, I'll be ready with open arms. I can't believe to think how broken I use to be, and insacure, and stuff to knowing who I truly am and feeling at peace with her, loving her, accpeting her. To loving myself, embracing myself and just being at ease with the person who I am inside. I may not make everyone happy, but at the end of the day that doesn't matter because I make myself happy, and for me that is reason enough to be awesome. 

Because to me, I am my own hero. 

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