I Am More Shadow Than Man

Tue, 10/24/2017 - 10:31 -- ATWSI

I Am More Shadow Than Man

Aram Tawoosi

He is sinking as I continue thinking about how

He's got the devil around me

And I'm realizing that prayers are free

But granted at a cost and that's what we do not see


We don't realize the eve of the moment worth seizing

The soul is the hum of the bodies machinery

Where is god without a pleasing plead

Chasing leads for something free laced with simplicity



A damn shameful mask to paint on everyday

What is there to say when we fear our beliefs

Can I mistake the wave of a tree for god answering me?

Do you think about the eve of a moment worth seizing?

Do you ever ponder about what's between our lungs?

What's above our tongues?


And do you ever wonder

About the ratio between man and shadow

I am afraid and I can't give it away

Because grace is not on my side


God is hiding behind

What's reality and what we believe

Why can't we just see

We walk on tightropes with trenches of questioned belief underneath

What is the ratio between man and shadow?

I am more shadow than man

Because taller than me, my shadow will stand

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