i am more.

i am more

than just an object.

more than just a victim of being "DTF".


i am more

than the label


don’t tell me who i am


who i “come off to be”.

my name tag says riley.

not slut.


i am more

than having to walk down the street

keys ready to puncture someone

who might see me as a victim,

of something i don’t want to be.


i am more

than the shameful tears streaming down my eyes

at twelve.

doesn’t no mean no?

though my voice was drowning.

and no one could hear a thing.


you are more

than what society might label you.

we have learned to suffocate our true selves

in order to fit the rigid rules that this world has given us.

you are more than an object,

you are more than a victim

and you are more than a fucking label.

you are more.


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