I am more than that

I am more than that which the eye can see you look at me and my situation where I am from and you judge me although my family is full of drug addicts and law breakers I am different I am quiet you think but in all reality I speak my mind I am smart I came from noting growing up fast to put food on the table I thought I was in hell but I worked hard with a goal in my mind to be better than what meets the eye I am from my mother and father and I am proud but I am also proud of my hard work growing up I put food on the table but still manged to work on me I've had my depressed moments suicide and thinking life couldn't go on but today those feelings are gone and have been replaced with a woman I am no longer a girl I am an educated woman first to graduate high school in my family I am braking chains and going places others were scared to go I speak my mind and let no one take me from my path I brush the haters off because I can be flawless without others I am holding my family together still going to school and putting food on the table making the best of what I have I am more than what meets the eye I am a determined individual that looked on the bright side and did the best with what I have and for that I am flawless and with that determination I will help others be flawless one at a time because without someone to let you know you may never understand thay you too can be flawless too

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