I Am The Monster Under Your Bed

I am the monster under your bed

The one that fills your heart with dreadYou fear me in the dead of nightBut in this darkness, I find my delight I hide in the shadows, out of sightBut I am always there, every single nightYou try to ignore me, pretend I'm not realBut I can sense your fear, it's all I feel I am the creature you cannot seeBut you know I'm there, lurking, waiting for theeYou hear strange noises, creaks and groansThat's just me, moving in my home I am not here to harm or scareI just live in this space, beneath your bed whereI watch you as you sleep, so peaceful and stillAnd I can't help but wonder, is this how I feel? Do you ever think of me, the monster under your bed?Do you ever wonder what goes on in my head?I may be different, strange and unknownBut that doesn't mean I should be left alone I am just a creature, seeking a friendBut instead, I am met with terror and dreadI wish you could see, beyond my scary guiseAnd realize that I am just like you, with fears and cries So next time you feel a shiver down your spineOr hear a strange noise in the dead of the nightJust remember, I am here, under your bedBut I am not your enemy, I am just your misunderstood friend.   I am the monster under your bed,Feared and hated, misunderstood and misread.But I am not here to cause you harm,Just to live in the shadows and keep you warm. I am not the hideous creature you see,But a lonely being, just like thee.I yearn for love and human touch,But all I receive is fear and such. Every night, you tuck yourself in,Unaware of the life beneath your skin.I watch you sleep, so peaceful and calm,Wishing I could hold you in my arms. You see, I am not a monster by choice,But a victim of fate, without a voice.Trapped in this darkness, I am alone,With no one to hear my silent moan. I am the one who hides in the dark,The one who makes your skin crawl and mark.But if only you could look beyond my claws,You would see a heart full of flaws. I am not here to scare or haunt,But to remind you of the things you want.For in my presence, you find your courage,To face your fears and break free from bondage. So when you lay in bed tonight,Remember that I am not here to fight.For I am just a misunderstood friend,Living under your bed, until the very end


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