I am Me, For Myself, and No One Else

I am an emotional being.

A controlled expression

is hard to feign

when a flaw of mine is mentioned.

The pressure that builds behind my eyes

overwhelms me.


After a recent incident,

drama, as some girls call it

with my very first apartment roommate,

I took a deep breath, a step back,

and looked at myself

as if through someone else's eyes.


Always overcompensating

in my apologies

for small mistakes,

that don't even matter

or affect another

even in the slightest.


I realized that I am above this,

and that my plans are so much more important,

and that I am going to go so much farther

than how far I would go

if I was constantly molding myself

to others' pleasures and desires.


So as of today and tomorrow

I am flawless.



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