I am me. And you are you.


I am me

under these clothes

behind those filters.

I am me.

No bright light to make my picture brighter.

No filter to make me lighter.

I am me.

Who am I with all these unspoken words?

Who am I with all these secret thoughts?

I am me.

There is no one else who can be me.

There is no one who can do the things that define me.

I am me.

Simply me.

And you are you.

with those clothes

with that filter on your photos.

You are you.

No light can shine brighter.

No filter can make your skin color any nicer.

You are you.

With those words you never spoke.

With those thoughts you keep to yourself.

You are you. 

Never let anyone define you.

Never let anything define you.

You are you. Simply you.



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