I am Me...

Who I am today would took a very long time to figure out but i know who i am right now.
My life was and is never easy. So many times I was really confused about who I was.
Then one day I woke up and decided I wanted to know.
I asked around and I heard the same answer almost every time and that was I don't know who do you think YOU think YOU are.
So I couldn't figure me out so I gave up.
But then I started making so many friends who had different personalities and I paid close attention to them and how they acted.
I paid attention to our similarities and differences and I started to slow but surely see who I was. I am Me ! Me is not a follower. Me is not a harsh cruel person. Me is not a extravert. Me is not a person who loves to be outside alot.
Want to know who I am . I am a quiet leader. I am a kind ,sweet and compassionate person. I am a loveable friend person. I am a trustworthy person. I am an introvert who occasionally like to be outspoken. I am a person who love love loves to read and write. I am a person who watches TV but can't stop thinking about the book I just put down and haven't finished yet are what book I should read next. I am me because I was taught to always be me.I was taught to follow my own lead because sometimes following other peoples lead get you no where or somewhere you don't want to be. I was taught to be me because if you can't believe in anyone else you can always believe in YOU. I am me because I am the only me that I choose to and want to be. So I love being me even when I am having a hard time begin ME!

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