I am a Loser


I am who I am

A loser, one who did not succeed.

 One who fails to meet expectations.

 One who doesn't understand how to work the system. One who doesn't care about the repercussions to their actions.

 I am me. I am a rebel without a cause. I am a failure at heart.

 But I fail to meet others standards. But I excel at meeting my own. My agenda is my secret that I hold tight next to my soul. I am a survivor. I don't give in to social norms. I don't allow others to tell me what to do. I am stubborn. I hold my opinions until I die. I don’t give up what I say. I fight for what I believe is right. I condemn all others who think differently. But sometimes I am a winner. I follow instructions. I make my bed. I try my best. But what matters is that I have purpose.

 I will succeed. I will not give up the fight of life. I will finally hold the truth between the cracks of my palms. I will clench success by its tip and shower in the glory of doing right. I will not do this the wrong way. I will not cheat my way to the top. I will not put others down. I will not compete. I will not be a winner.

 Because when I try to win, I lose. When I try to win, I lose what matters.

 Myself, others I love, and everyone here on this earth. I care about others. I want the best for others. I want to bathe in their success. I want this earth to be a perfect place of honey and bliss entrapped in a utopian swell of harmonic waves. But to do this... I must stick to my own agenda. An agenda of helping others. Not pushing my friends to the curb. I can’t spend hours competing with my classmates for a better grade.

Because I am who I am. And I am a loser. But I am good at losing.


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