I am, just like you

The Bible reads
"All Men Are Created Equal"
So why do you detest me so?
My heart beats
My brain thinks
I have emotions
Just like you.
Why do you treat me so differently?
I see on TV
What have we done?
Well we say NO MORE!
Martin Luther King Jr.
Malcolm X
Rosa Parks
Just to name a few
Will guide us
Inspire us
Motivate us
To fight for equal rights
We'll start sit-ins
March down your street
And preach to our brothers and sisters about
And equality for all.
All we want is to drink at the same fountain
Sit on the bus
Go to the same schools
And make a living
Right next to you.
We've been bullied
Screamed at
Spat on
And killed.
But have done nothing to provoke
Does color matter so much?
Look to your left
Now your right
Those people,
Are the same as you
I am the same as you
My race may be different..
But my heart beats
My brain thinks
And I have emotions...
Just like you.

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