I am Just a Speck

I am just a speck in the universe created by an artist’s brush

But though I am just a speck, I have feats to crush

I am alone in a world full of my own inspiration

With a pencil in hand and mind of elation

And I call to the scholars, the leaders and more:

Look at this speck! See it falter? No, hear it roar!

This is my roar; my call of recognition

I will make a name for myself, so see my intuition:

I am an introvert, but I am loud

“Nefelibata” you may say, but I am proud

I have scars unseen by most, and you cannot judge, but question, and I will boast

I am as open as the air, and I smile despite the world growing colder

As it is said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

And as quoted, I am the beholder.

This beauty is the canvas in which I am earth's controller.

Yes, I am Just a speck in the universe painted by an artist's brush

But this speck makes a painting twice as lush

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