I am Just a Free Soul


I feel my soul running free with the wind
Chill down my spine
Goosebumps on my skin
I am free, feeling alive as if everything I lived for was never a lie
So I cry feeling no doubt about to fly
Fly sky high
Reaching for my third eye, my fantasy world, trying to fight.
Fight for love and my self pride
cause if any longer it'll just slip away
 though I had day where the sky was grey
 And as these fools try hold on I fly away a stray
And I get tired and think all day
and I call it a day
trying to wake up from a world that is not mine,
feeling it all the way through my spine.
 Watching all these other souls in line
 watch them go insane
 scream the lords name in vein
merely watch them waste themselves down the drain
 but I just sit here and keep sane
 telling my brain that i'm free
and all this loneliness will fill with glee
and I will see the day
a brand new day where time stands still
and wait and not run from me
but once again
 i'm just a free soul

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