I Am Invisible and not a Prize

Sun, 10/18/2015 - 23:09 -- kthron1

I am invisible

an observer

I watch from a distance

You’ll never see me

play or dance

unless it’s all an act


I prefer substance

to good looks

And great books

to most else


My love is quiet



and easily given


I constantly question

all that I do

Because I fear

I will not be approved


I show only the best parts

of myself

And hide the rest

Because whenever I test

the other parts of me

I end up failing


If ever you see

the real me

I advise you to run

Listen to nothing I say

Deep inside

I do not hide a prize


I take a step back

I’d rather be thought of

as kind

then people know

the reason behind my lies


So I’ll keep the bad hidden

it is beyond forbidden

And let you think I’m kind

inside and out

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