I am Interdependent

I am a person, a true human with flaws and weaknesses.

There are times when I fall to pieces.

But I get up. I move on.

There are bigger issues going on.

I am a fighter for what is right.

I have no pretenses. I am true to what meets the eye.

I will not be a doormat, not let others be.

I will probably not go down in history.

That's okay, the right people will remember me someday.

I am a leader.

I think then, act. At least, I try to.

On the outside I am cool, calm and collected. Inside I am mostly the same,

but in the moments I criticize myself, I am ashamed.

I overthink, worry and bottle it up.

I used to think that this made me tough.

Now I know that that's not the case.

I know I need friends who'll get in my face, and say "what is wrong?"

Every now and then, I need a shoulder to lean on.

If I've learned anything in this life,

it is that, no one can make it alone.


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