I Am Imagining


Close your eyes and imagine how I feel.

I feel like the clear blue sky,

I feel like the confidence girls have while wearing short skirts.


I am,

the fresh air breathed in,

the smile on a new borns face,

the smile on a mothers face when her baby calls her "momma" for the very first time.

I am,

the shine in the sun,

the sound of the wind,

the delciate silence as rain falls from the sky.

I am,

a beautiful lullaby,

the unforgettable melody in your favorite song.

I am what's known as a happy tear,

the soothing voice that helps you heal.

I am the one in control,

the one who's got a hold of your soul.

I am you.. and you are me..

Are you imagining the same as me?

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