I am the illustrator

Sat, 10/15/2016 - 10:49 -- js.jase

I am the illustrator

The masterpiece creator

The doodler

Subjective art form translator


Visionary artist

To start this, my brushes are like natural born limbs

Paint flecks forever, stains on the skin

I win the attention and the fame

I was born for this

The glory from all, the splendor to my name


My secret style is smartest

Clever, and witty

Peculiar and perplexing

My art, my mind, it’s quite interesting


Canvas crackerjack

Competition killer

I’ve packed

The finest acrylics money can buy

Competitors cannot compare

With ambitions of Beowulf that challenge the sky


Worldwide I am known

My inspiration, an infinite frontier, knows no home

My travels extensive, my knowledge broad

I have a plethora of experience

I have a mind that is curious  


My skills are surpassing, while yours are just lacking

Slacking you sleep, sweet dreams never see the sun

The days have won, your to do’s done, none  

It’s fun to be a snarky art elite


My work brings tears to their eyes

An alluring stare, a gentle cry

Unable to look away, the time passes

Until my creation is engraved in their brain


Each color is a cooperation, collaboration despite differences

Each stroke is a symphony, song that trickles tastes of talent

Every museum of art starts with the presentation of my pieces

Every gallery prioritizes my profound paintings which pleases


I am immortal through the fine art in the flesh of my finger tips

Through the paint on the brush hairs that drips

Their lips curl up towards their cheeks, unconscious smiles

Crisp, their clouded minds made clear

Enlightened through expression sincere


I have given them serenity

Containing reality for a couple quick hours

The canvas carries away their mind

My art, the spark

Cutthroat craft, concise and compelling

The painting is alive, from the second dimension, it is rebelling

Are you selling, a line forms

It’s just the norm, the click clack of the cash drawer

People propose to purchase my pieces,

The Paintings, the watercolor makings, oil based, pastels

It’s all so breathtaking, they say

I hear these words without fail every day

Admirable artisan, the title true

By choosing crowning, utopian hues

And trusting the voice within


My insecurities thin,

Failure is a stranger who seldom frequents the front porch of this painter

I am the illustrator

The masterpiece creator



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