I am here


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I am here
My soul wants to reach
with ideal grace,
This hand shall shake no more
Upon breath, smiles, tears, of all my life,
Angels have arrived and are ready to teach
The beauty of heaven's true purpose
Indeed I am free,
Indeed I am pure,
The unwasted stars pass across the blue dark sky
In all their glory
Indeed, I am here.

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The symbolism in this poem is absolutely spectacular. "This hand shall shake no more" is my favorite line. You should celebrate your choice and use of each and every word! I am very pleased that I was given the opportunity to read this poem. Thank you!

May I ask you what your original intention was for this poem; i.e. what does this poem mean to you?


Thank you so much for your comment, it means so much to me and well to me it means something to that you did not expected  after much suffering in life you actually find peace. 


I apologize for the late reply.



What a blessed meaning that is! :)


Hi I know this was a 2 years ago, but I would love for you to look at two poems I wrote. One called No more me nor Family. The other one I named The things I couldn't live without. My name on here is JJ1 my real name is Je'Ryan


Poetry Saved Me

This poem is absolutely stunning, I think I am in love! Amazing work.

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