I Am A Growing Woman


A young girl once harmed;

many times for many years.

A young girl once harmed;

confuse and anguished in utter pain.

That young girl turned bad.

Seemed as though her innocense was gone.

Feeling as though she was oblagated to continue her past.

A young girl once harmed;

stripped out of her clothes for the man of the night.

A young girl once harmed;

cried and bled to subside the pain.

Her mother vanished when she was a baby. Her father always worked.

No one reached out and offered a help hand.

A young girl once harmed learned her own ways.

That young girl turned negative to positive.

I Am A Young Lady;

who broke through barriers and completed obstacles.

I Am A Young Lady;

an intellegent, courageous, outgoing individual.

I am a young lady striving for a bright future.

I chose to put the past behind me.

I Am A Growing Woman.




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