I am forever

I am Paper

If simplicity is beauty and bliss, complexity is just as alluring


Paper is versatile and essential

Its variations are many

Blank, new

Marked with the start of something new

With an interesting story to tell from dawn to dusk

What is paper?

A magnificent transformation from wood pulp to a sheet with many uses

 To be turned into something unique and meaningful 

Through words or art 

I am paper 

Blank, clean , lined, ruled 

A multitide in array. 

An entity that can be what it pleases  

Different parts may be put together to become something better

A paper mache 

Paper may seem bland primitively 

But transformation with time it may turn an ordinary sheet of paper to its final product 

May it be bled onto by ink 

Folded with creases 



You cannot destroy me 

I am paper 

I  will adapt 

I will use my life to bring out the good in others

I will always stay the same 

No one will ruin me 

I shall prevail 

Paper never dies because it is constantly reused

In essence I will forever exist in this world 

I will always live 





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