I am flawless the before and after

What do you see when you see me?

long round face

penetrating brown eyes

long nose slightly crooked 

face marked from ruptured pimples

my deep laugh lines 

sharp lip stained pink that cover my overlapping teeth 

tall slender body with no curves square if you may say 

My face stops many 

men and women

"What are you?" they say 

because they can't categorize where I fit in

I am not a fan of conformity 

My visage is beyond normalcy 

I would like to say that I am

Beautiful exotic and foreign 

but is that really what you see 

when the first thing you think is "What is she?"

Image is powerful and superficial now of days defined as tall with a emerging breast 

curvy hips fat glutes with the face of Aphrodite or white skin

I was taught to despise myself because I didn't have a body like a Kardashian 

didn't have pretty skin or small nose 

so I would curl my lashes pluck my eyebrows maybe put on a little lipstick

Increasing  my chances of catching the gaze of a man


"Love me as I am" women say

That's hard to accept and expect 

when you yourself have yet to accept yourself bare 


Society shunned my natural beauty

But who is society anyway and why should I concur 

They sit behind desk and edit models

Show us the after but never the before


Where is that girl that I lost in the mirror?

That girl in me that loves me the most

I sought after her

I found her and I released her

Giving her the freedom to speak

She said to me with a question 

"What do you see when you see yourself?"

And I said 

Perfection, a beautiful creation 



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