I am #Flawless


I am what God made me, I am Flawless

My life evolves and revolves perfectly.

When I go to bed at night, I fall asleep very fast

I am so tired from school and weights.

I want to play video games and I really try and last

But I feel my eyes droop when it gets sort of late.

Getting up on time is always the hope,

And I listen carefully for my alarm.

I hit snooze several times and I know there’s no hope

Of sleeping too late, so it causes no harm

I am Flawless.

When I get up I think ‘This is crazy, too early!’

But I go down the stairs, pour some juice and I eat

Even though I’m in a daze and my hair is all curly

I go to the kitchen and just take a seat.

I am Flawless. God made me and I am flawless.

Each dawn is a new day, I think once I’m fed

That there is only twelve more hours until I go back to bed.

Each day is Flawless. Simple and flawless.

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raheem johnson

the world turns its bak on m

darkness they see

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