I am Flawless


When you say flawless, what do you mean?

When you say the word flawless, what are you trying to underline

What are you trying to emphasize, are you trying to customize

Or are you trying to make me compromise

I don’t think you realize, that a servant leadership such as me can not be beat

the passionate I have inside me to bring forth communical positivity.


To be flawless to me, is only for me to decide

Flawless is the imperfections that make us who we are

Flawless is the rejection that pushes us that bit too far

Flawless brings us closer to ourselves and the unadulterated we’re supposed to be

So don’t tell me what impeccable is for me.

i can overcome endless impossibilities


I am flawless the way it looks to me

I’m unspoiled in my dictionary

If you don’t like it, there’s one thing you should know

Here is my number and call me, if you find flawlessness on your own  down the road

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Its the best poem ever.

What an inspiration for teens to reflect upon themselves.

Mr. Chrino

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