I am a Dreamer

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 16:17 -- hhughes

Haley Hughes


I am a Dreamer


People all around ask at what they are meant to do with this life that was bestowed upon us,

with some urgency.

Some of us follow the path that was written by our family, others... we explore.

Our lives separate from those around us and we veer towards our own destinies.

She is a teenage girl, a college student, a mother.

She is told to be obedient, while her male counterparts act foolish.

We are women, blossomed from a young beauty.

She is patient and caring even while in the most erratic of times.

She, a young wildflower blowing in the wind.


We are are taught as a generation that being perfect is the best way to be.

But I am not a primed fresh daisy, though a rose with thorns that I use to help hide my sadness.

I am not perfect, but strong.

As children, we are all asked what we would like to be when we age.

Some say teacher, athlete, rock star... princess,

While we say doctor, psychologist, marine biologist.

We are intellectuals fed the poison of the pressure to be what others want us to be.

We are initiative, the need to succeed.


Even before we were born our legacy was laid out in granite for us to follow,

we must give the world our imagination.

We as humans are fallible, even in the best of times.

We are a curious race in a race for the one thing that makes us successful.

I may not be perfect but I believe in change.

I am a philosopher, it is my job to let my thoughts roam.

I am a dreamer and the night sky is my home.

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Our world


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