I am the DIamond


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Flawless: Adjective, 


Definition: Perfect


I am flawless, flawless like a diamond. I am the Diamond.


A diamond? yes. a diamond. 


Wikipedia says: Diamond Flaws- A diamond flaw is common. Few Diamonds are perfect; most of them have some inclusion or imperfection. These inclusions are known as flaws and and exist in various forms, exterior and interior. Inclusions are classified in the manner in which they formed. 


A Diamond flaw is common. The most valuable, perfect, beautiful rock known to mankind, has flaws.


I am the diamond


I shine bright, people look from the far away and think "Damn, that is one beautiful diamond" 


But look closely, look under the microscope, look deep into my eyes, the microscope to my person, see my pits.


A what? a pit?


Diamond Pits- Small holes may be present on the surface of a diamond. These pits are usually not visible to the naked eye.


I am flawless. I am the perfect diamond. I am nice, kind, sensitive, I am honest, I am athletic, fit, intelligent. I am the diamond. 


Maybe I'm the perfect diamond because my pits- my selfishness, my pride, my insecurites- are not visible to the naked eye.


Most diamonds have flaws, the only difference between my flaws and the man next to me- I keep my pits guarded, you can't see my flaws. You would see me as the perfect diamond, like I am flawless.


I am flawless because people think I'm flawless. When truly...


I am the diamond. The diamond with pits. 


I can give off the illusion I am perfect, so I will. I am flawless because you need a microscope to see I do have flaws. The most perfect thing in the world, a diamond, is common to imperfections.


I shine bright, people look from far away and think  "Damn, that is one beautful diamond" I look flawless, at times, I feel flawless.  My perfection is that my imperfections aren't visible to the naked eye.


I am flawless, the diamond.... with pits.


I am the diamond.


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