I Am a Deep Thinker

I am a deep thinker

Of the living

Of the dead

Of the happening

Of the unseen

Of the omnipresence

Of the reasons

Of beings that be, become, and then no longer

I ponder the things that I know and gather awareness of the things I ponder

I am constantly questioning the things that I know

Forever told that with age and experience I will understand

“My questions will be answered over time”

The griots prophesized this during my resurrection ceremony

These questions garb themselves in ordinary

Trust me they are not

There is nothing mundane about them

They expand and reach depths that have never been accessed by sublunary minds

My thoughts provide food for thought

To the highest, supreme part of that which exists

Which can be perceived

Which cannot be seen

Always there they stay

I need the answers

I need the answers

So that these thoughts can go away

One thinks

But doesn’t know

And I,

I strive to know

I am a deeper thinker

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