I am deaf guy who wants to share my thoughts about the universe

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 15:19 -- jonlll



Do you know about the laws of friction which it means everything can not keep moving forever Therefore everything in the universe will stop moving. Who started to move everything in the universe ? If everything was motionless therefore someone must have started the big bang or movement of things. It must start with an intelligent person in order to make everything move. All things that are non intelligent can not move on their own. That is why it must start with God or Gods or Mind in order to make everything move 

It is more logic to say that there were many Gods instead of one God. You may say but where is God. But please use your common sense by saying maybe Gods were alive and well before the universe was created but they died after they created the universe together. 

When Gods died therefore the evolution may start to process in some ways. I do not believe in the evolution 100 percent but in small ways. For an example, 90 percents of universe were created and the rest are 10 percents of evolution 

If Gods are dead and powerless therefore we are helpless. Let us not to make everything worse on earth by being childless and vegan 

I think God died because of pains. Gods may be still here but powerless as if they are dead. But when pain, numb and inadequate pleasure turn back to perfect pleasure again then that is when Gods will be revived and they will have the powers again to recreate the universe. Then the Gods will be immune to all pains after they get well again. It is same idea with the chicken pot disease which when a child gets sick with it but will be immune to it after get well again.

That is my own theory directly from my thoughts which I do not follow any scientists or religious leaders. Many religious people may think Gods are still alive and well but that is only delusion. Many scientists may think the universe was created out of atom or black hole or other without any Gods's help but that is only delusion. 

Do you agree about the laws of friction ? If yes therefore you may believe in Gods who must have started to move things in the past. Many scientists do not talk about the laws of friction because they want to believe in the theory of big bang by itself without any help of Gods or Minds.

Let me make it more clear. In the eternal past which everything in the universe including Gods were motionless but Gods were intelligent enough to know how to move from being motionless from all eternity past then moved everything but later they lost the powers and did not finish the universe because the perfect pleasure has turned into pain, numb and inadequate pleasure. All of us need to wait until all pain, numb and inadequate pleasure to turn back to perfect pleasure again then that is when Gods will be revived and help us. 

Please be childless because everything is out of control ( overpopulation with lot of sufferings ) Your feedback is welcome Thank you


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