I am a Damn Woman

Being a woman should be a blessing,

just as any life is.

But as a woman I am to be barred by fear of the "male gaze".

I am "protected" by being told to cover my skin.

I am locked out of my own expression.

What congressman has the right to say "nay, a woman's body is to be censored,"?

A woman's body is not perverse.

It is to be celebrated no matter the size, shape or color.

I will stop fighting when the wishy-washy rules are shut out.

Do not tell me to be ashamed of my body.

Maybe I don't want to shave my legs,

maybe I don't want to wear "women's" clothes.

Maybe I am a damn woman.

If I want to show my body I can.

Who are you to tell me I cannot?

I am enlightened.

I am equal.

I am a damn woman.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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