I am commited

To know ones faults is not enough
To be known by someone else takes more than trust
You have to do more than remain seated
That is why I am Committed
I have laugh and talked
Love and fought
Hurt and grieved
An sometimes went into things that were way to deep
Though I have not always had an easy path
One far more easily traveled by a blind man with a staff
Though I always knew what was needed
That is why I stayed Committed
To face the facts of life day by day
To be pushed down and told to stay
Though you get up with the courage to stand
To prove that you are more than just a man
You just have to walk through the challenges
Though some may be bended
You just have to know on how to stay committed
Though life is tough
That is now doubt
You just have get up
An prove you are stout
Though it may seem like you do stuff in vain
You eventually get through the fray
You just find what you needed
An therefore you’ll stay committed

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