I AM in a coffee shop


United States
34° 7' 3.324" N, 118° 11' 17.9844" W

Walking into a coffee shop
I see an old man
Dark black suit
Great white tie
Golden gloves on his hands

He had a long white beard
With a black top hat
Golden watch
Without numbers
Face to face with him I sat

Features simple yet complex
The wrinkles on his face
Youthful eyes
Blue as sky
Lit a fire in the place

What is the purpose of life? I asked
God stroked his beard

To learn from the world
The birds
The trees
The blistering sun
And the waves of the sea
To learn from children
Their hearts
Their souls
Their innocent eyes
Dependable in whole

Contemplating this I ask

Do you still care about us?
God stroked his beard

With every breath taken
Every pound of the heart
Every word
Every thought
Every life that I start
From knowledge I’ve given
To death I have dealt
For one common purpose
The love that I’ve felt

Contemplating this I ask

What happens after death?
God stroked his beard

To die is to awaken
The end is the beginning
White shores
Golden skies
All hurt is forsaken
From roaring mountains
To sleeping valleys to calm oceans
With fishing galleys

In a moment, God stood up
Cane in his hand
Walked out of the coffee shop
And flew away from the land


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