I am a C.O.D.A

A dream. My dream? or His dream? It starts out like this.. I am a C.O.D.A. Child Of a Deaf Adult. Otherwise known as a child with a deaf parent.

graduated in the year of 2009 without any knowledge or way to go. She needs money, a check to live on, but thats all she had known, from then on. 

She searches for the job that is intended for her to suceed. but she wonders what could it be? searching and searching she does, 3 years later she feels late in the game to attend this University.

deep inside of her she wanted to suceed.. but in what? that would be the question of hers that she couldnt find out by searching on the surfaces but inwards.. deeply..

She prays and prays, constantly wonders until one day, a couple said you need to look into that sign language that you have known since the days of a child with your mom, communicating..I say okay but not that passionate about that. It was just a language that was used by the hands to just communicate.. Would that be what she uses in her job one day?who knew..

She prays and prays.. wanting to know what her purpose is in this life from above. she prays and prays.

she then begins to see things change. inside her heart, her passions burst forth like a fountain of water and she tries to contain this and deny what she sees.. She pursues this dream from the One above.. taking a risk she feels, she enrolls at Western Oregon University even thou,  never taken the SAT's.

Accepted she is.. only on one circumstance, she must take the math class before she can proceed. $550.00 for the class, she feels held back.. Remembering that the dream came from above, she earnestly awaits For the Aids to pay for this class she is required to take.

She prepares for two places she believes she is moving forward to, the University is where she will go to become the vessel of expression through.. American Sign Language. Bridging the gap between the hearing world and the deaf world, she has the language to help. She wants to become the interpreter, the one job that will help many struggling to communicate. 


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